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Weight Lifting


Priya S.

I have been working out with Iosif for the past 4 to 5 months and let me say, he is the best of the best! My fitness level and strength have increased dramatically and I can actually see the results. When we started out, we discussed my specific goals and he listened carefully but also guided me on what we should add to the routine and why. He is very knowledgeable about the science behind the workouts and is a great motivator when I am ready to give up. He always keeps it fresh by evolving the sets that we do and makes it challenging enough to get to the next level without making it impossible. Overall, I am super happy with Iosif and the progress I have been able to make as a result of training with him.

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My Mission is to help you reach your fitness goals in no time with efficient program structure and personalized nutritional guidance!

Sport Exercise



Whether at home, gym or outside in a park there will be a personal touch to your program designed to address your individual goals with a training, nutritional protocol and the most hands on approach that would help correct your form! (In New York City Area ONLY, message for availability)


Providing same personal touch as 1:1 at a more affordable price with the same individualized program design to address your individual goals with a training and nutritional protocol via zoom video calls!


If you are a self-motivated but need some guidance in programing this 12 week program is for you! Designed with a beginner to intermediate enthusiast in mind this program if used properly along with proper nutritional protocol can propel your progress with an option for bi-monthly check ins.

Why You Should Do Strength Training

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If you are a result driven busy professional, you have no time to waste on gimmicky fitness programs that fail to deliver sustainable measurable results! Let me get you past all the noise and implement a scientifically proven fitness program that fits your schedule and needs while providing you with a sense of direction by utilizing proper nutrition and exercise protocols. As Equinox Academy Graduate & ACE Certified Trainer with hundreds of clients and nearly a decade of experience under my belt I have helped many people get over the feeling of helplessness and helped them shed pounds of fat of their bodies and improve their health. Through consistency and behavioral changes, you will meet and exceed your preconceived notions of what you are truly capable of!

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Iosif Beniaminov

  • ACE Certified Nutritional Specialist Certified

  • ACE Certified Orthopedic Exercise Certified

  • ACE Certified Functional Training Specialist Certified

  • ACE Advanced Behavior Change Strategies for Weight Management Certified

  • ACE Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics Certified

  • Weight and Strength Training Specialist

  • Assisted Stretching Specialist

  • Cardio Total Body Specialist

  • Kettle Bell Certified

ACE Certified & Equinox Academy graduate I have been a personal trainer since 2014 getting my start at NYSC (New York Sports Club) which really helped lay a foundation that has helped me to this day. In 2018 I decided to go off on my own because wanted to sell my services based on merit rather than a silver tongue!  I hate being the “sales person” but love being a trainer!  I specialize in you the regular person who is looking to better their physique, health and create healthy habits and not the next Mr. Olympia.  I want to teach every single one of my clients that it is possible to change and achieve your fitness goals without having a bunk bed in the local gym locker or the need to workout 3 hours a day.  I also hate social media gimmicks and implement only science proven methods in nutrition, behavioral patterns and lifting that will yield “sustainable” results!

Cancellation Policy

For any in-person or virtual session a minimum of 5-hour prior notice is required to cancel without incurring a full charge on the session. I understand unexpected things can happen with work, life and etc! So, in that case the first time this happens it will be waived but after with the respect of my schedule as well the policy will be in effect. Personal training taking place in a “rented out” studio a minimum of 12-hour prior notice is required to cancel without incurring a 29$ late fee charge (a charge I pay on my end prior to our session) and a minimum of 5-hour prior notice is required to cancel without incurring a full charge on the session. A no show without a call or a text is an automatic full charge with a 15min waiting grace period. If you are running late, please notify me and I will wait but do note extra time will not be added to the session as I have a tight schedule that cannot be shifted. Thank you for understanding!

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